Network Monitoring with IT Asset Tool - Your Network Software Inventory!


L'inventario dei computersIT Asset Tool is a software dedicated to IT Managers to carry out a hardware and software inventory that helps in a Software Asset Management (SAM) process. IT Asset Tool offers all the functionality of a Network Scanner and performs a Hardware and Software inventory by monitoring the entire LAN network. You will a full control of the installed software and all the hardware components that compose your Network! IT Asset Tool adapts to your scalability needs by integrating with Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft SQL tto provide the best possible performance. Configure the alert System and always stay informed on what is happening in your Network Computers with customizable alerts and reports.
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Free Software Asset Management

IT Asset Tool has always helped companies in the correct management of their LAN. IT Asset Tool allows you to use all its features completely free of charge, while for realities that need more scalability, the Enterprise Edition is available that allows the management of an unlimited number of hosts.


In-depth network analysis

IT Asset Tool scans PCs keeping an inventory of your network constantly updated to give you all the data you need.The in-depth analysis allows you to always have control all the aspects of each individual computer, both hardware and software.In this way, you will be able to manage and analyze installed software, those running, Windows services, installed patches and related software licenses.IT Asset Tool constantly monitors the security of the various assets, since during the PC audit it collects the Security Events and organizes them in an easy-to-read dashboard.


Software inventory

With IT Asset Tool you can manage the software inventory that will allow you to know the real state of your network and to evaluate any interventions in case of unused software, thus saving on licenses or scheduling an upgrade where really necessary.In this way you will be able to optimize and make the infrastructure safer and at the same time reduce its costs.IT Asset Tool additionally offers a valuable tool to monitor software changes in each PC (Install / Uninstall).


Hardware inventory

Make a targeted inventory of the hardware components that make up your Network and you'll get a comprehensive report, focused on what's really important in managing your computers.


Software License Management

Managing a Software Asset Management process will allow you to perform a Software License Compliance Audit, comparing the software you have purchased with the software you are actually using. This will allow you to perform a cost analysis and highlight any unnecessary expenses for your company.


Syslog Events Analysis

Collect and analyze events from any device such as Computer, MacOSX or Linux with the integrated Syslog Server. IT Asset Tool analyzes and monitors events with fully customizable RegEx Rules.


Alert and Report Management

Thanks to an alerting wizard, you can configure IT Asset Tool to alert you only when an important event occurs.