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Software and Hardware Inventory

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IT Asset Tool is a powerful free software to inventor and monitor your network. It's easy approach allows to operate in a short time. With an essential interface, IT Asset Tool analyzes all windows hosts including their software and hardware features for an efficent reporting and analyses.

With its scalability you can integrate directly with your Windows domain or in the case of small Workgroup environments you can use the client / server architecture to retrieve information.


Complete monitoring of:

Screenshots of IT Asset Management Software

  • Active Directory integration
  • Installed and removed software from network clients
  • Software License Compliance Audit
  • Hardware Network Hosts
  • Printers
  • Syslog Server
  • Running Process of Network Hosts
  • Windows Services
  • Scheduled reports
  • Windows Update status of Network Hosts
  • Users Logged on Network Hosts
  • Serial number of remote clients
  • Audit Admin Users Login/Logout
  • Security event analysis
  • Customizable alert generation system



To carry out a correct software inventory it is important to choose the most suitable program. an IT Manager needs to semplifing your network in order to have more control of its members. Therefore, it is important to collect right network data from computers and,  in this step, IT Asset Tool is fundamental in this role.
IT Asset Tool is an advanced network inventory, that collects and analyzes all installed software in the network and picks out the changes in the course of time. A clear module of reports completes the analysis of your software including all data, such as the name, version, and vendor of network hosts.
You can always keep under control the status of any new installations and updates, you can plan to optimize the resources of your LAN.
The advanced features will allow you to effectively carry out a SAM (Software Asset Management) process, allowing you to make strategic decisions in an informed way, you can purchase new software, renew subscriptions or dispose of unused software, thus eliminating software and services that are little used and reducing costs of license.



It's important to know very well every network host to carry out the IT asset job. Many inventory software collect too much data causing confusion for IT Manager, but IT Asset Tool collects only the most relevant features.

IT Asset Tool picks up information of computers showing the Manufacturer, Model, Processor, Ram and the state of disk to prevent any data loss created by the disk saturation.


IT Asset Tool is an indipendent Software created for a specific requirement of network control. IT Asset Tool in the basic Edition is completely free, in order to let a huge part of people know the program as a symbol of quality and semplicity of use.

Following this philosophy, we have chosen a "sqlite" database, which is free from proprietary licenses. In this way, IT Asset Tool should increase its spread. Discover IT Asset Tool the free IT asset management tool!!

IT Asset Tool has evolved over time, now we are offering to the companies better solution to extend and empower network analysis whit the new "IT Asset Tool Enterprise", simple and efficient for your network management


For an effective analysis, it is very important to have a good report. IT Asset tool integrates a powerfull query engine that allows to make a lot of reports for specific analyses.

In a standard report the analysis can show the asset of your Network and possibly allow you to make and fix the detected changes of computers of the network.

IT Asset Tool allows you to create and schedule pdf reports in order to send them via e-mail.


The management of warranty in IT Asset Tool allows you to automatically have a global view of the health of your computers.

You will be able to prevent any needs and accidents related to the lack of effective warranties management.

To automate the process of detecting warranty IT Asset Tool uses the Windows installation date as the date of purchase of the asset.

This date can be edited in the "Asset" tab of each computer (viewable with a double click in the computer name) and set manually for greater precision.


Management of Warranty


The number of warranty years can be entered / edited for each Asset, unless specified, 1 year guarantee coverage will be considered.


The status of the warranties can be viewed in Real Time from the Computers panel and, like all other reports, it can be exported directly to CSV for use with Excel.


Display of computer Warranty


The Enterprise subscription makes it possible to remotely manage the IT Asset Tool server by installing a Remote Management Console and configuring it to access the existing server.


To do this you will need to perform the following steps:


  1. Download IT Asset Tool from in the client computer which the Management Console must be installed
  2. Install IT Asset Tool
  3. Run the first Time IT Asset Tool
  4. When asked to select a new password, select "Exit"
  5. Go to the remote IT Asset Tool server and copy the database "db.sqlite" in the "Server" folder
  6. Overwrite the existing "db.sqlite" file in our client with the one just copied
  7. Run IT Asset Tool and verify that the client works properly and connects to our remote Microsoft Sql server and IT Asset Tool.

 N.B. The credentials remain unchanged and therefore the login credentials are the same as those used on the server.


To allow IT Asset Tool to receive events from Linux Operating Systems it is necessary that the Forward of the logs is configured correctly.

A tool named SendSyslog.exe is available to test the receipt of events by IT Asset Tool by sending them directly from a Windows computer. The tool is contained directly in the "Server" folder of our installation.

Once verified that IT Asset Tool receives our Logs, we can dedicate to the installation and configuration of one of the many packages that will forward events from our Linux server. In our guide we will use "rsyslog" in a Debian LIKE environment.

Installation command: apt-get install rsyslog

Once installed we proceed with the forward configuration by editing the file with a text editor: vi /etc/syslog.conf

At the end of the file we add the following wording *. * @Servername: 514 and save the file.

This row set the syslog manager to send all events (*. *) to port (514) of the server (servername).

We then restart the service with the following command /etc/rc.d/init.d/rsyslog restart


With this simple configuration we can start receiving logs from our Linux system.


N.B. The above commands are an example that can change depending on the Linux distribution in use. For a more exhaustive guide, please refer to the manufacturer of the operating system itself.




Activate IT Asset Tool now and take advantage of one Free month of Enterprise subscription. (No card insertion necessary or other data)

You will thus be able to take advantage of the advanced features and carry out the inventory in a complete and fast way.


Below is a list of advanced features: 

  • Scan the network in Agent Less mode
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • Support for Microsoft Sql databases
  • Software License Compliance Audit
  • Syslog analysis
  • Centralized notification system
  • Multi User Management


Network Monitor with IAT

* The free month starts when you register your IT Asset Too account, hurry up and activate it now!


Once installed, you can activate IT Asset Tool directly from the "config" menu, by entering in the Subscription Activation field the email used when registering your account.


Attivazione di IT Asset Tool


Once inserted, click on "Activate" to take advantage of all its features for a month!

You will be able to take advantage of a high-performance database such as Microsfot Sql and Agent Less data collection directly integrated into Active Directory.




The section site "Features" collect all peculiarity of IT Asset Tool highlight the improvement.

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