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Free Software asset

Box IT Asset Tool

Free Kit to monitor your LAN and installed software.    


Powerful Report Engine


IAT Engine Report

A report engine with a simple SQL query allows infinite analyses.


Software and Hardware

Network Monitor with IAT

Discover the Hardware and software of your Network Clients.     


Easy to Start


IT ASSET TOOL is Easy to Manage

Easy to integrate for everyone. Download and Scan!!



After registering and downloading the Setup file from the following URL unzip it and run the extracted file "IT-Asset-Tool_1_3_setup.exe".

Will be displayed a language selector for choice the language used during the installation:

 Seleziona la lingua di installazione di IT Asset Tool

Select the installation path:

Path di installazione di IT Asset Tool

Select the settings for Menu creation:

Menù avvio di IT Asset Tool

Select the icon settings for the IT Asset Tool Management on desktop:

Icona del Desktop di IT Asset Tool

Then if the installation summary is correct click on install:

 Riepilogo di installazione di IT Asset Tool

Wait a few moments for the installation to complete.

 Installer IT Asset Tool

Once completed, you can click on "Finish" to automatically start the IT Asset Tool Management.

Completamento installazione

Once the IT Asset Tool Management is started, will be displayed the license screen, read it carefully and then click on accept if it agrees with the policies and terms of use.

Licanza di it Asset Tool

The Welcome screen will be displayed and show you the main activities you need to perform to configure the server and clients.

IT Asset Tool Welcome

You can perform the "Quick Start" by clicking on the appropriate button on the Welcome screen.

A message will guide you in the sharing of the Client folder of IT Asset Tool, containing the file that the Client PCs of your network will need to run to be indexed.

Share Client Folder

Once completed, a message will be displayed to notify you of the successful sharing and the installation of the windows service "ListenerIAT" will be started automatically, necessary to receive data from yours clients.

Share Client Folder Complete

Once you have read the short guides you can start in its configuration by going to the configuration menu by clicking on the "config" tab.

Following are the necessary guides for configuring and collecting data from the various client PCs.





To enable the new features contained in IT Asset Tool is necessary that you register your email.

IT Asset Tool now support Microsoft SQL and data collection in persistence mode and include the new module S.A.M.

The new features are available until 06/06/2019.

To activate, complete the following form:

 13/07/2016 - The IT Asset Tool site is now multilingual!!


IT Assety Tool ItalianoWhile awaiting our forthcoming IT Asset Tool v.1.3 release, we are so excited to say that now our web site is multilingual! Indeed, Italian and Spanish have been included to provide all information that you need to know about IT Asset Tool, The Free Software Asset Management!   





Looking for a software inventory IT? IT Asset Tool is the software that you are looking for!
IT Asset Tool is an innovative inventory software that will allow it in a free way to make an inventory and manage easily the hardware and software that in your corporate network.

Create in few steps your Software Asset Management (SAM) and get the strategic goals of SAM including:

  • Software costs reduction
  • Business risks prevention
  • Optimization of the existing software investments
  • Track keeping of the latest software updates to prevent security vulnerabilities
  • Anticipations of future software needs

You'll discover one of the fastest growing IT inventory software of last year. Try it and you'll understand the reason.

Discover what IT Asset Tool can offer for your business!

Simplicity and accuracy, the two most appreciated characteristics of IT Asset Tool, one of the best IT Asset Management Software!

Check out all of its features for free and manage and make an inventory hardware and software of your PC business network!!

IT Asset Tool is downloadable for free at the follow link. Download an innovative IT Asset Management Software!



IT Asset Tool is the new way to manage and make an audit of software and hardware.
Its simple interface allows you to manage all the software licenses that each computer has installed and picks out the changes in the course of time to help you to control all the resources in your network.

IT Asset Tool picks up information of computers hardware showing the Manufacturer, Model, Processor, Ram and the state of disk to prevent any data loss created by the disk saturation.

IT Asset Tool allows you to create and schedule reports in order to send them via e-mail.

What are you waiting for? IT Asset Tool is free!! Discover it now!





The section site "Features" collect all peculiarity of IT Asset Tool highlight the improvement.

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