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From 1.2.30 Version of IT Asset Tool you can manage the remote unistallation of software in network clients automatically.

The new feature permits to remove it automatically or by the agreement of user according to the software. The unistallation process is automatic for all .msi software, while the process will simply be driven for the other software.




IT Asset Tool Management need an exception of firewall to comunicate with client at Tcp Port 18887 and complete correctly uninstall process.

Since version 1.2.x, IT Asset Tool is composed by 2 folders and many files.

For simplicity we will explain the use of the main files.


Name File Folder Description
ClientIAT.exe Client

if you use the client / server mode it's the file to be executed in any computer client. It needs a command parameter to work.

ClientIAT32.exe Client

It's the internal 32-bit client that makes an inventory of the PC. (Used internally by ClientIAT.exe)

ClientIAT64.exe Client

It's the internal 64-bit client that makes an inventory of the PC. (Used internally by ClientIAT.exe)

CommonLibrary.dll Client/Server It's the library of It Asset Tool and is necessary to IAT to make an software inventory.
DaemonIAT.exe Server It's a file necessary to execute listener.exe as Windows Service.
ListenerIAT.exe  Server  It's the application necessary to collect the data from Computer Client  or to scan your Network in AgentLess mode.
ReportEngine.exe Server It's the file necessary to schedule software report. If you want to execute it manually, you need to set a command parameter to make it work. 
IATMng.exe Server

It's the GUI of It Asset Tool, It is needed to browse all data collected by "ListenerIAT.exe" and to help you to configure IAT.

System.Data.SQLite.dll Server It's the SQL Lite Library necessary to internal database.


To understand the operation of IT Asset Tool please do not forget to read the Link "Free Inventory Software Guide".

In IT Asset Tool it is possible to schedule automatics reports from config interface menu.

In this menu it is possible to select the type of PDF report to send via email, the recipient, the frequency and the schedule time.



 Below a list of selectable reports:

  • Software Report of new software installed
  • Software Report removed from Network
  • Computers and its Hardware components
  • OS Report installed on Computers
  • Users Report logged on Clients
  • S.A.M Report


 All reports can be scheduled with a monthly, weekly or daily frequency.


N.B. for weekly schedules, the first day of the week is considered Monday.



Released Major version 1.2.38 of IT Asset Tool the Free Software Asset Management

The new release was released on 28/02/2015, introducing a series of news and improvements. The new version is available for free in the download section of site

Mainly used for the inventory and management of software inside companies, the software offers, starting from this new major release, the possibility of making the centralized uninstallation of the software installed on the computers.

A report engine allows a detailed analysis of all components of network infrastructure, permitting scheduled reports and personalized filters.


Read "why implementing Software Asset Management" and learn:

  • Reduce software costs
  • Prevent business risks
  • Optimize existing software investments
  • Keep track of the latest software updates to prevent security vulnerabilities
  • Anticipate future software needs

IT Asset Tool can be installed as Windows service from Interface of Management (IATMng.exe), in this way, you can continue to inventory software without login to Windows. 


Install ListenerIAT as service


Follow these steps to install IT Asset Tool As service:

  1. From the Menu config IT Asset Tool Click on "Install" in the box "Install as a service"
  2. Check if the minimum requirements are met (eg .NET Framework 2.0)
  3. Wait a few seconds and click Start in the box beside "Management Service"

We would find in our Windows services panel that you have installed and configured a new Service called "DaemonIAT" that will automatically start our Listener to receive data from our clients scattered across the network.

The windows service of IT Asset Tool is called






The section site "Features" collect all peculiarity of IT Asset Tool highlight the improvement.