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Box IT Asset Tool

Free Kit to monitor your LAN and installed software.    


Powerful Report Engine


IAT Engine Report

A report engine with a simple SQL query allows infinite analyses.


Software and Hardware

Network Monitor with IAT

Discover the Hardware and software of your Network Clients.     


Easy to Start


IT ASSET TOOL is Easy to Manage

Easy to integrate for everyone. Download and Scan!!



To update IT Asset Tool from a preview version you need to follow the steps below:



how to Update it asset tool Step Description for installer IT Asset Tool 
1 Download New Version of IT Asset Tool Installer Pakage
2 Unzip It
3 Stop the Windows Service "DaemonIAT"
4 Execute the installer
5 Follow the step of installer
6 Restart Windows service "DaemonIAT"
7 Start your software asset and Inventory your software




IT Asset Tool Client and Server don't require any installation but it needs a simply configuration that can be made from the "config" menu.


Configuration menu


The new interface permits to set any parameter and configure the new feature of the automated reports.


Field: Description:
Server Port Allows to set the listening port of IAT Server. (Defalut:18888)

Allows to set the Max day to keep any data of process in IAT database. Data older than the "MaxDayToKeep" are deleted. (Default:7)


Allows you to set the IP of the SMTP server to send automatic reports.


Allows you to set the Port of the SMTP server to send automatic reports.


Allows you to set the User of the SMTP server to send automatic reports. If the server does not require authentication, leave the field empty


Allows you to set the Password of the SMTP server to send automatic reports. If the server does not require authentication, leave the field empty


Allows to set the verbosity output of log.( Defalut:LOG_WARNING) 


Allows to set the sender of automatic reports.

Mail Autentication SSL/TSL

Allows to set the autentication type of the SMTP server to send automatic reports.

Log to Registry Event

Allows to set the output of Logs. If checked, the event viewer will show the events of IT Asset Tool according to verbosity set with the Option ErrorLevel.

Capture Exception

Allows to set the Debug Mode showing any Error message to report it at 


Allows updating the software data at each reception. If disabled, the software data after the first sending is discarded. 


Remember that to collect the data of the clients the Windows Service "DaemonIAT" must  be running. You can install following this guide (Install as Service).


In the right side of the "config" menu you can schedule automatic PDF reports via e-mail by following the guide at the following link "schedule a software inventory report".

To perform an inventory of each computer of network, the IT Asset Tool Ciient may be executed configuring the ClientIAT.exe to run at startup of Windows Users.

The IT Asset Tool client can be configured at Windows's Autorun or managed through domain group policy.


Network scan in the domain environment:

Open "Group Policy Management" in your Windows Server and create a New Policy.

Edit the new policy as below:

 Deploy IAT Client with Windows GPO


Explore the User Configuration tree and find "Script (logon/Logoff)" under Wndows Settings.


GPO IAT Client


Now at startup of Windows Users you need to configure the File "ClientIAT.exe" hosted in a shared network directory accessible to windows users.

In the "Script Parameters" field insert the required option to contact correctly your IT Asset Tool Server as in this guide.


Start Parameters of Client IAT


Now we assign the policy to users who should make an inventory software.



In order for the IT Asset Tool Client to correctly collect and forward the collected data to the Vs server, it must be executed with some parameters.

Example of error Launcing IT Asset Client

As you can see in the above screen in case they are not inserted IT Asset Tool will show you what boot parameters are required. The IT Asset Tool client requires some parameters to start sucessifuly.

Below the complete guide to client parameters.


Parameters Value Required Description
server IP Address Yes Set the server IP of IT Asset Tool Server
port 0-65536 Yes Set the port Listen of IT Asset Tool Server
senddelay 0-86400000 Yes Set the interval in milliseconds to send data to Server ***
debug True-False No Set Debug mode to show the log messages in the Client Console
admin User Admin No Set the name of User Admin for audit log. Default is Administrator
autouninstall True-False No Enable the Centralized Uninstallation of Software from IT Asset Tool Management. Default False








*** At the start-up of ClientIAT.exe, the first inventory software starts after 3 minutes in order not to slow down the start-up of the operating system.



"\\server-it-asset-tool\client\ClientIAT.exe "  server= port=18888 senddelay=3600000 admin=Brian

This row launches the client from network shared folder and then the client sends the data that it collects to port 18888 of server every hour. In addition will be logged every login by Brian.

 Client IAT in debug mode 

 Once the initial three minutes have elapsed, the client will begin to analyze the Computer and then display a report of the data collected and sent to the IT Asset Tool Server.


As best practice, we suggest to share the client application (requested procedure during the installation) and execute it with a windows group policy. 

IT Asset Tool Client and Server need an exception of firewall port to comunicate between each other. By default the Server listens to the Tcp Port 18888 but can be customized.



Explore the newest release of IT Asset tool the free Software asset Management and see the new features.


Dashboard for easy management of your assetsPerforms security auditing and system administrators auditingManage the hardware inventory of your L.A.N.Summary sheet of an assetCheck processes and manage and audit software licenses in your company.Complete the software inventory on each host on your LANDetailed control of your usersManage an asset management software in a capillary way and check the real needs of your usersCheck the installations of your client's operating systems.Real-time management of software changes on your hostsGet full control of the software in the company with an asset management software


Look at the improvements and new features of version 1.3 of the free IT Asset Tool, the free inventory software:



Type Desription
New Features of It Asset Report NEW FEATURES  Log to Windows Event Registry. Scan and e-mail of schedule reports.
New Features of It Asset Report NEW FEATURES  Collect the serial number from remote clients
New Features of It Asset Report NEW FEATURES  Centralized uninstallation of the software installed on remote computers.
New Features of It Asset Report NEW FEATURES  New Powerful Report Engine.
New Features of It Asset Report NEW FEATURES  New Easy Manager Configuration.
New Features of It Asset Report NEW FEATURES  New Dashboard of inventory software Manager
New Features of It Asset Report NEW FEATURES  New IT Asset Tool Client Application.
New Features of It Asset Report NEW FEATURES  Audit Login of System Administrators
New Features of It Asset Report NEW FEATURES  Support to Microsoft SQL (Actually in Open Beta Status)
New Features of It Asset Report NEW FEATURES  Support to Active Directory
New Features of It Asset Report NEW FEATURES  Agent Less Scanning 
New Features of It Asset Report NEW FEATURES  Added Persistence Mode 
New Features of It Asset Report UPDATE  Improved scanning engine software
New Features of It Asset Report UPDATE  Improved Performances.
New Features of It Asset Report UPDATE  General Bug Fix.
New Features of It Asset Report UPDATE  Restyle of concept of Listener and GUI Management.




The section site "Features" collect all peculiarity of IT Asset Tool highlight the improvement.

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