Agent Less Configuration


Both Free Subscription and Enterprise Subscription offer the ability to simultaneously use Client / Server mode and Agent Less mode (recommended for domain environments).

Agent Less scanning is recommended for large Windows domain environments and is available only in the Enterprise version of IT Asset Tool. Please verify the system requirements for installation of Microsoft SQL and check the following link for the installation guide:

You will also need to configure these additional configurations to enable host scanning, you can follow thiss guide to set them up.

Nr. RequirementsDescription
1. LDAPThe server of IT Asset Tool need to be query the Active directory Server
2. DNSThe server of IT Asset Tool need to be query the Internal DNS Server.
3. RCPThe Windows "Remote Procedure Call" Service (RCP) need to be active and reachable from the IT server in any host to be indexed
4.RemoteRegistry The "Remote Registry" service must be active on each Host client to be indexed and reachable from the IT Asset Tool server
5.File and Printer Sharing Enable File and Printer Sharing


If it has not been performed during installation, it is necessary to activate IT Asset Tool by entering the email used to create the account and download IT Asset Tool.

Activation of IT Asset Tool

After activating the IT Asset Tool license, it is necessary to configure the Microsoft SQL database, thus inserting the IP address or the Host name of SQL Server, possibly with the instance if it is not the default one.

Esempio di una configurazione Microsoft Sql


After entering the user and password click on "Check SQL Connection" now, will check if the entered credentials are correct and if so, click on the "Save Config." and the application will restart using the new Microsoft SQL database.

Once the application is restarted, it will be possible to configure the integration with Active directory simply by filling the fields "Domain", "Domain Admin" and "Password".

Example of integration Active directory

By default, a polling time of 10 minutes is set and indicate how soon the entire network will be scanned by querying the internal DNS server. This value must be evaluated and based on the size of your Lan network.

Immediately below it will also be possible to set up a list of all system administrators to be audited.

Once the above fields have been filled in, click on "Check AD Credential". Once the accuracy of the data has been verified, it is necessary to save the settings by clicking on the "Save config" button, the new settings will be applied and thus the scanning of the entire network in Agent Less mode will begin.