Agent Less Configuration


In this page will show the configuration required for Agent Less mode to work properly.

After looking the minimum requirements and running the IT Asset Tool Setup it will ask you to install Microsoft SQL Express 2019 as it is one of the basic requirements. If a Microsoft SQL Server is already installed in tour LAN and it is at your disposal you can skip this step or if you want, you can proceed with the manual installation of SQL by following the following guide. (Link guide)


Once installed SQL Server and run the IT Asset Tool for the first time, it is necessary to configure the integration with Active Directory by simply filling in the fields "Domain", "Admin Domain User", "Admin User Password".


After the integration to the domain has been performed it will be necessary that all the hosts to be scanned are configured as per the table below. This configuration can be performed manually by creating a domain GPO or more simply by creating the Policy automatically using the IT Asset Tool.


Below is a summary of the requirements that clients must meet to be scanned:

Nr. Requirements Description
1. LDAP The server of IT Asset Tool need to be query the Active directory Server
2. DNS The server of IT Asset Tool need to be query the Internal DNS Server.
3. RCP The Windows "Remote Procedure Call" Service (RCP) need to be active and reachable from the IT server in any host to be indexed
4. RemoteRegistry The "Remote Registry" service must be active on each Host client to be indexed and reachable from the IT Asset Tool server
5. File and Printer Sharing Enable File and Printer Sharing
6. Windows Firewall The client must have configured a policy on the Windows Firewall / or third-party firewall that allows the IT Asset Tool server to access the RPC service, WMI and the previously enabled remote registry



By default, a polling time of 10 minutes is set and indicate how soon the entire network will be scanned by querying the internal DNS server. This value must be evaluated and based on the size of your Lan network.



N.B. Remember that both the Agent Less mode can work simultaneously with the Client / Server mode.


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