Automatic Environment Setup


IT Asset Tool is the only Software Inventory that integrates a powerful domain autoconfiguration tool allowing you to configure your environment with a single click and start immediately to carry out an inventory of your Hosts.

Immediately after configuring the integration to the domain directly from the "Advanced" menu, you will receive the following message that will show you where to find the automatic configuration tool.




Once executed, the Tool will configure a domain GPO and apply it to all computer's domain.

This GPO will configure the same settings illustrated in the manual procedure at the following link:


After reading and understanding how the Tool will configure our domain, Lets go to the "Miscellaneous" section and click on "Set GPO"



We accept the notice and continue by clicking on "Yes"


The installation of the Windows components needed to run the scripts will start immediately. This procedure can take a few minutes


Una volta conclusa, le finestre degli script scompariranno e potremo andare a verificare l'esito della Configurazione.

Avviamo pertanto il "Group Policy Management" (appena installato) e verifichiamo se la policy denominata "IAT Setting" è presente.


Once completed, the windows script will disappear and we will be able to check the result of the Configuration.

We must start the "Group Policy Management" (just installed) and check if the policy called "IAT Setting" is present.



If, as in the example above, the GPO is present and applied to all computers in the domain, the configuration has been completed successfully.

N.B. In order that the hosts apply the domain policy is possible they must be restarted.





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