Make sure that the Microsoft SQL server is reachable to TCP port 1433 and that the SQL server accepts remote connections.

Below a guide configuration:

P.S: Remember to Enable the "SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode" to permit the connection from "sa" user of SQL.

To ensure that all hosts are scanned by IT Asset Tool you must have an exception in the Firewall Client to allow IT Asset Tool and and verify that the following Windows services are enabled on each client:

  • RCP
  • Remote Registry

Once you have verified that they are active, make sure that their host name is solvable by DNS and is included in the "Computers" object of Active Directory.

Below is a link to the guide:


To install IT Asset Tool and connect it to a remote server it is necessary to install IT Asset Tool from setup as done for the server part. Before running IT Asset Tool, copy the db.sqlite file present in the installation folder of IT Asset Tool server.
Once "IATMng.exe" is executed, log-in with your the credentials and from the "config" section stop the "Management Service" and click on the "Uninstall" button to remove the Windows Service "DaemonIAT" from the Client PC.

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