Microsoft SQL Server Installation


To fully use the potential of IT Asset Tool it is necessary to configure the saving of data on Microsoft SQL databases.

This guide therefore explains how to install Microsoft SQL Express if it was not installed with automatic installation when IT Asset Tool was first started.


If you do not have a Microsoft SQL server license, you can download the Express Edition for free, directly from the following link:

Before starting the installation it is necessary to disable as shown in the screenshot under Windows Firewall.

Disabilitazione Firewall 

Now we run the Microsoft Sql Setup and select the "Basic" installation


We continue by accepting the license:

We select a destination for the installation:

We await the completion of the installation:

Once the installation is complete, click on "install SSMS":


This will start the installation of the "SQL Server Management Studio" and Click on "Install":


We await the end of the installation and click on "Close" Button:


Start "Microsoft SQL Server configuration Manager" and proceed to enable the TCP / IP protocol:

 Enable TCP Protocol on Microsoft SQL


Click on properties and scroll until we find the IP address of our SQL Server, we enable it and then execute the same thing on the loopback interface (


Scroll and finds "IPAll" and set the port where SQL Server listen that is to 1433.


Now, restart the instance of SQL Server, so we have completed the configuration of our server.


Now configure database access for SQL users by opening "Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio" and clicking on server properties:


In the security section, enable mixed authentication by selecting "SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode" and clicking on "Ok"


Select the "sa" user and enable it from the properties in the "status" page and then set a new password from the "General" menu.


We have thus prepared the SQL Server environment that can be used by our Server of IT Asset tool .



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