Deploy IT Asset Tool  with Group Policy Object


To perform an inventory of each computer of network, the IT Asset Tool Ciient may be executed configuring the ClientIAT.exe to run at startup of Windows Users.

The IT Asset Tool client can be configured at Windows's Autorun or managed through domain group policy.


Network scan in the domain environment:

Open "Group Policy Management" in your Windows Server and create a New Policy.

Edit the new policy as below:

 Deploy IAT Client with Windows GPO


Explore the User Configuration tree and find "Script (logon/Logoff)" under Wndows Settings.


GPO IAT Client


Now at startup of Windows Users you need to configure the File "ClientIAT.exe" hosted in a shared network directory accessible to windows users.

In the "Script Parameters" field insert the required option to contact correctly your IT Asset Tool Server as in this guide.


Start Parameters of Client IAT


Now we assign the policy to users who should make an inventory software.



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