Client / Server

To allowed IT Asset Tool to detect the administrator access, it is necessary that the PCs have logged the events.

1. Open GPMC console, click Start --> Administrative Tools --> Group Policy Management.
2. Create a new GPO and link it to the OU containing Domain Controllers and Client Computers. 
3. Now right click the Group Policy, and then click Edit.
4. Navigate to Audit Policy node, “Computer Configuration/ Policies/ Windows Settings/ Security Settings/ Local Policies/Audit Policy”.
5. Now enable the Success and Failure auditing for "Audit logon events" setting.
6. Execute the command “GPUPDATE /FORCE” in the Domain Controller to force apply the GPO settings.
7. Also execute the command “GPUPDATE /FORCE” to force apply the GPO settings.

To perform client-side debugging, you need to add the following "debug = true" parameter when starting ClientIAT.exe.

Ex: "\\server-it-asset-tool\client\ClientIAT.exe" server= port=18888 senddelay=3600000 debug=true

This parameter will prevent the Client from running in the background and will display the application in console mode to view any logs or problems.

To perform a server-side debugging it is necessary to stop the Windows service "DaemonIAT".

Once done, making sure that the ListenerIAT is not running, run it manually from the Server folder in the IAT installation path.

Running it manually prevents the Listener run in background mode and will be execute in the console mode allowing you to view any logs or issues.

Ensure that all clients running IT Asset Tool meet the minimum requirements.

If a "System.IO.IOException" error is returned, please make sure that the Computer has write access to the folder "%temp%" since the client of IT Asset Tool at boot copy the components from the "Client" folder shared in the server and then run them locally.

In case there are no connectivity problems it is advisable to debug to analyze the situation.
It is possible to debug both on the client and on the server.

Data collection occurs after 3 minutes dal'esecuzione client. If no data is received after 3 minutes, it is necessary to check that the connections between client and Server are not blocked by any Firewall.

Ports used by IT Asset Tool:

  • Server Listen Port: TCP / 18888
  • Client Listen Port: TCP / 18887

Verify that the minimum requirements have been met.

Verify that the windows service "DaemonIAT" is running in the Server and verifies that the clients of IAT have been run with the necessary parameters (see Link) and wait 3 minutes after startup to be able to view the data.

DaemonIAT: It is the windows service that takes care of keeping the "ListenerIAT.exe" application running,

ListenerIAT: This is the executable that listens to receive and write data received from clients in the database.