Server Configuration


IT Asset Tool Client and Server don't require any installation but it needs a simply configuration that can be made from the "config" menu.




The new interface permits to set any parameter and configure the new feature of theautomated reports.


Server PortAllows to set the listening port of IAT Server. (Defalut:18888)

Allows to set the Max day to keep any data of process in IAT database. Data older than the "MaxDayToKeep" are deleted. (Default:7)


Allows you to setthe IP of theSMTPserverto sendautomatic reports.


Allows you to setthe Port of theSMTPserverto send automatic reports.


Allows you to setthe User of theSMTPserverto sendautomatic reports. If the serverdoes not requireauthentication,leave the field empty


Allows you to setthe Password of theSMTPserverto send automatic reports. If the serverdoes not requireauthentication,leave the field empty


Allows to set the verbosity output of log.( Defalut:LOG_WARNING) 


Allows to set the sender of automatic reports.

Mail Autentication SSL/TSL

Allows to set the autentication type of the SMTPserverto send automatic reports.

Log to Registry Event

Allows to set the output of Logs. If checked, theevent viewerwill showthe eventsofIT Asset Tool accordingto verbositysetwiththeOptionErrorLevel.

Capture Exception

Allows to set the Debug Mode showing any Error message to report it at 


Allows updating the software data at each reception. If disabled, the software data after the first sending is discarded. 


Remember that to collect the data of the clients the Windows Service "DaemonIAT" must  be running.


In the right side ofthe "config" menu you canscheduleautomatic PDF reportsvia e-mailby following the guideat the following link "schedule a software inventory report".