IT Asset Tool is a simple, fast, free and efficient way to make software and hardware inventory of your company. Discover its many features and try them to find out all the benefits it can bring to your business.

IT Asset Tool is a software asset management tools that will help you consolidate your best practices and help you to control costs and optimize software investments across your organization and throughout all stages of their life cycles.


Free Software Asset Management

Manage your entire network infrastructure and organize and manage all client with a simple and quick inventory of hardware and software.

 Free software Asset Management

Deep inventory of software

The only real tool to manage software changes that occur in your network and to allow you to control them. IT Asset Tool is focused on the monitoring and management of all new installations of unauthorized or unlicensed software.



Clean Hardware inventory

A clear inventory software collects only the most relevant features to allow a simple and effective consultation. IT Asset Tool picks up information of computers showing the Manufacturer, Model, Processor, Memory and the state of disk to prevent any data loss created by the disk saturation. 



Centralized Uninstallation

With IT Asset Tool you can manage the remote unistallation of software in network clients automatically. The new feature permits to remove it automatically or by the agreement of user according to the software.



Schedule Report

IT Asset Tool integrates a powerful query engine that allows you to make a lot of reports for specific analyses. It allows you to create and schedule pdf reports in order to send them via e-mail.



Admin Auditing

IT Asset Tool can monitor access to the Users Admin. It is important to respect the policy of security in the server and the client.


Audit Admin Users Menu of IT Asset Tool

Free Documentation and Support

Extensive online documentation and free support via e-mail


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