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One of the most important menu interface is the "SoftwareReport" menu that integrates a dashboard to manage and approve all software in your network of computers.

This tool helps you to see all new installed software that have not been approved by company policy.

 software report

IT Asset Tool can generate more different reports using appropriate flags present in the same panel:


No Windows Update: Generates a report discarding the records of windows updates.

Show only changes: Generates a report showing installation or disinstallation changes that are not approved from the last analysis.


To start the software report generation click the "UPDATE" button and the progress bar will indicate the analysis progress. 


When the analysis is completed, the IT manager can start his/her job.

Now the IT manager must evaluate either to approve any new installed / removed software or not. If it is the case, he/she must switch the flag associated to the computer name with the software to be approved. If the IT manager wants to approve the new installed or removed selected software in all the computers, he/she must press space key [the flag "Massive Approval" must be used].

If an new installed software is approved in a computer, itwill not be shown in the following execution report.

If the IT manager sees a software that must not be installed in a Network Computer, he/she must not approve it and must uninstall it.


In this Tab the print button permits three specific reports that show: only new installed software, only removed software or all the installed software.


Print Options IAT Report Software


With the export button you can generate the report in csv extension to see in Microsoft Excel.

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