The IT Asset Tool client requires some parameters to start sucessifuly.

Below the complete guide to client parameters.


Parameters Value Required Description
server IP Adress Yes Set the server IP of IT Asset Tool Server
port 0-65536 Yes Set the port Listen of IT Asset Tool Server
senddelay 0-86400000 Yes Set the interval in milliseconds to send data to Server ***
debug True-False No Set Degug mode to show the log messages in the Client Console
admin User Admin No Set the name of User Admin for audit log. Default is Administrator








*** At the start-up of ClientIAT.exe, the first inventory software starts after 3 minutes in order not to slow down the start-up of the operating system.



"\\server-it-asset-tool\client\ClientIAT.exe "  server= port=18888 senddelay=3600000 admin=Brian

This row launches the client from network shared folder and then the client sends the data that it collects to port 18888 of server every hour. In addition will be logged every login by Brian.




As best practice, we suggest to share the client application and execute it with a windows group policy. 

Both IAT componets need an exception of firewall port to comunicate between each other. By default the Server listens to the Tcp Port 18888 but can be customized.


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