Activate IT Asset Tool now and take advantage of one Free month of Enterprise subscription. (No card insertion necessary or other data)

You will thus be able to take advantage of the advanced features and carry out the inventory in a complete and fast way.


Below is a list of advanced features: 

  • Scan the network in Agent Less mode
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • Support for Microsoft Sql databases
  • Software License Compliance Audit
  • Syslog analysis
  • Centralized notification system
  • Multi User Management


Network Monitor with IAT

* The free month starts when you register your IT Asset Too account, hurry up and activate it now!


Once installed, you can activate IT Asset Tool directly from the "config" menu, by entering in the Subscription Activation field the email used when registering your account.


Attivazione di IT Asset Tool


Once inserted, click on "Activate" to take advantage of all its features for a month!

You will be able to take advantage of a high-performance database such as Microsfot Sql and Agent Less data collection directly integrated into Active Directory.