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Present for more than eight years in the sector, IT Asset Tool is not only a tool to take inventory of your computers but it is a suite for the entire management of your network.

IT Asset Tool is available in two Edition, below is a list that lists their respective functionalities:


Functionality description



Max number of asset managed: Max number of asset managed by IT Asset Tool 35 Unlimited
Software inventory: IT Asset tool helps you manage software changes that occur in your network and to allow you to control them. IT Asset Tool is focused on the monitoring and management of all new installations of unauthorized or unlicensed software.
Hardware inventory: A clear inventory software collects only the most relevant features to allow a simple and effective consultation. IT Asset Tool picks up information of computers showing the Manufacturer, Model, Processor, Memory, Gpu, Disk.

Admin Auditing: Monitors the security events of each asset and and tracks the login and logout events of the system administrators.
Analysis of Security Component: Track and monitor the execution of the antivirus and Firewall in your Endpoints.
Depth analysis of system processes: In-depth tracking and analysis of the system processes of each Endpoint.
Analysis of changes to the software installed on your network: IT Asset Tool collects and analyzes all installed software in the network and picks out the changes in the course of time.
Support for SQL Lite database: {Quickly distribute IT Asset Tool thanks to its integrated database.
Support for Microsoft SQL Server: Deploy IT Asset Tool in large environments with Microsoft SQL Server support.
Agent Less support and integration with Microsoft Active directory: Integration to Microsoft Active directory for a network scan in Agent Less mode.
Alerting System Automatized: Create rules for managing complex events and receive email notifications.
SMNP support: With smnp support, it allows you to scan to SMNP devices in your network.
Software License Compliance Audit: IT Asset Tool allows you to manage and detect every software installed in your L.A.N. verifying the software licenses in use and those which are available, highlighting anomalies in licensing. 
Integrated Syslog Server: Collect and analyze events from any MacOSX or Linux device thanks to the integrated Syslog Server, analyze them with fully customizable RegEx Rules.
Simultaneous scanning: Quickly scan your network using multiple instance scanning
Multi-user administration: Configure IT Asset Tool with multi-user management
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