IT Asset Tool

IT Asset Tool

Register and download your free copy of IT Asset Tool the Network Inventory Software!

  • Hardware and Software Inventory
  • Client / Server Mode
  • Max 50 hosts
  • Integrated SQL Lite database
  • Advanced Security Event
  • 1 Free Month of Enterprise subscription *

Activate IT Asset Tool and take advantage of 1 free month of Enterprise Subscription and try the new Advanced features:

  • Agent Less mode
  • Active Directory integration
  • Microsoft SQL database
  • Audit Compliance - Software Licenses
  • SysLog Server
  • Centralized Alert System

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At the end of the month of free Enterprise subscription it will be possible to continue using IT Asset Tool in Enterprise mode for a maximum of 15 Assets. Alternatively, it will be possible to buy an Enterprise  subscription or downgrade to "Basic" mode to be used without any limit to the number of Assets.

Duration: 1 month / Lifetime Forever
Price: Free


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