Software Inventory

To carry out a correct software inventory it is important to choose the most suitable program. An IT Manager needs to semplifing own network in order to have more control of its members. Therefore, it is important to collect right network data from computers and,  in this step, IT Asset Tool is fundamental in this role.
IT Asset Tool is an advanced network inventory, that collects and analyzes all installed software in the network and picks out the changes in the course of time. A clear module of reports completes the analysis of your software including all data, such as the name, version, and vendor of network hosts.
You can always keep under control the status of any new installations and updates, you can plan to optimize the resources of your LAN.
The advanced features will allow you to effectively carry out a SAM (Software Asset Management) process, allowing you to make strategic decisions in an informed way, you can purchase new software, renew subscriptions or dispose of unused software, thus eliminating software and services that are little used and reducing costs of license.



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