This section resumes all Main update releases of "IT Asset Tool" and it shows all changes and improvements.


0.1.0028/11/2011 First Close Alpha release 
0.2.0004/02/2012Second Close Alpha release
0.3.0009/08/2012Third Close Alpha release
1.0.0002/09/2012First Close Beta Release
1.1.0023/09/2012Release Open Beta Version
1.2.0010/03/2013Release Main Version Update
1.3.0024/02/2016Release Close Beta Version
1.3.0519/03/2018Release Closed Beta Version of support to Microsoft SQL
1.3.0617/06/2018Release Open Beta Version of support to Microsoft SQL
1.3.1226/01/2019Release Active directory integration
1.3.2027/02/2020Server Syslog