The IT Asset Tool a Free Software Asset Management suite designed for a complete integration with your Windows Domain.

IT Asset Tool is a scalable software, it can be installed on a common Computer without particular requirements or in cases where the Lan Network has a considerable extension IT Asset Tool can interface Microsoft SQL to support large volumes of data.

IT Asset Tool since version 1.3.12 can work in Client / Server mode or in the Agent Less scan mode by integrating into Active Directory.


Client / Server Mode

IT Asset Tool is composed by a server and a client application the first server (ListenerIAT.exe) collect all data from client (ClientIAT.exe) of IT Asset Tool of your computers network. Another application allows the configuration and use of data collected by IT Asset Tool (IATMng.exe).

The Listener receives the client data and writes them in a SQLITE Database or Microsoft SQL for a simple consultation.  

To execute IT Asset Tool in your computer, the automatic best practice is to create a shared "Read Only" Directory in server host to deploy the application client on your Local Network and to execute it to the computer clients with a simple Windows Group Policy. 

With these easy steps you can manage automatically all software and hardware installed on the network.


IAT Network Graph



Agent Less Mode

The simplest and most effective way to scan your network is to take advantage of the integration with Active Directory to index the hosts in Agent Less mode. This feature released since version 1.3.12 is enabled after free registration of the product and configuring Microsoft Sql and Active Directory integration directly from the advanced configuration. For the various clients to be indexed, the "Remote Registry" and "RPC" services must be running and the firewall will allow access to the IT Asset Tool Server.

IAT Network AD Graph


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