Installation from Setup

After registering and downloading the Setup file from the following URL unzip it and run the extracted file "IT-Asset-Tool_1_3_setup.exe".

Will be displayed a language selector for choice the language used during the installation:

 Select IT Asset Tool installation Language

Select the installation path:

IT Asset Tool installation path

Select the settings for Menu creation:

IT Asset Tool startup menu

Select the icon settings for the IT Asset Tool Management on desktop:

IT Asset Tool Desktop Icon

Then if the installation summary is correct click on install:

 Riepilogo di installazione di IT Asset Tool

Wait a few moments for the installation to complete.

 Installer IT Asset Tool

Once completed, you can click on "Finish" to automatically start the IT Asset Tool Management.

Completamento installazione

At the first run, you will be asked (if not detected) to install Microsoft SQL Express in order to ensure the correct functioning of all the IT Asset Tool features.

We select Yes if we do not have any SQL Server installed in our Lan network, so we will start the process to perform the automatic installation. Alternatively, if we want to install it manually or if we want to continue with SQL Lite, click on No.

SQL Installation

 By clicking on Yes we will be asked to enter the Mail to activate the Subscription (Free or Enterprise) and by clicking on Validate we could activate it.


Subscription Activation


Then we can select the password for the Microsoft SQL System Administrator (sa).



We click on "Install SQL" and wait for the end of the process. This will take a few minutes as installing Microsoft SQL requires numerous steps.


At the end of the installation, the first run of the IT Asset Tool will start.


At the first start the Microsoft SQL database will be created.


We can now choose the IT Asset Tool administrative password.


Once the IT Asset Tool Management is started, will be displayed the license screen, read it carefully and then click on accept if it agrees with the policies and terms of use.

Licence of IT Asset Tool

The Welcome screen will be displayed and show you the main activities you need to perform to configure the server and clients.

You can perform the "Quick Start" by clicking on the appropriate button on the Welcome screen.


At this point, the "C:\Program Files\IT Asset Tool\Client" folder will automatically be shared in read-only mode, containing the files that the Client PCs on your network must execute to be indexed in case you use Client Server mode.



Once you have read the short guides you can start in its configuration by going to the configuration menu by clicking on the "config" tab.

Now you will be able to integrate the Less agent scan directly from the "Advanced" sub-section (See link below).

Or, below you can find the necessary guides for configuring and collecting data from the various client PCs in Client / Server mode:





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